What’s the difference between New Releases and Preorders?

New Releases are 2-3 new collections that are released every Friday evening. Orders for these close at midnight on the following Sunday. If you order the size 5 pant set with rainbows, I will order you the size 5 pant set with rainbows. If you did not order over the weekend but want the size 5 pant set with rainbows, you may be disappointed because I may have only purchased the pant set with rainbows in a 12-18 month and 2T. Or I may have ordered a 5 in only the dress. Or I may have ordered a different collection altogether. The only way to absolutely guarantee that you will get what you want is to order before midnight on Sunday night, or send me a message and tell me to order it and to email you an invoice. On Mondays, I place orders with my supplier, Pete + Lucy, for items to have in stock for my online store and specific orders from my customers that come in before midnight on Sunday. Items then ship to me at the end of that week or the beginning of the next one. So I usually am shipping your order within about ten days. I try to ship the same day your item arrives.

Preorders drop every Sunday afternoon. You have until Friday night at midnight to order. I place these orders on Saturday mornings. Preorders are different from Weekly Releases in that they usually have specialty items such as boys’ clothes, matching hair bows and/or doll dresses, holiday attire, matching jackets or accessories for adults, or even dog bandannas. These collections are made to order and take about 8-10 weeks to arrive. This feels weird at first with date specific items because you’re ordering back to school items in June and Halloween in August and Christmas in September. Although I sometimes offer “preorder extras” for sale, it’s important to order during the preorder window because those extras take an additional 3 weeks to arrive. That may be too late for Christmas items that you were planning to use for holiday photos. Just like with New Releases, if you have a specific item that you want, go ahead and order it. Sometimes I buy items to have in stock in my online store, but I usually do not buy extra holiday items as they are holiday specific and have a short shelf life.

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