Why should I shop at Abbey London Boutique when I could just shop at Target instead?

Great question. 

1. First of all, I am a mom. I am not going to sell you anything that I would not buy for my own kids. My boys are 10, 9, and 8. My daughter is almost 7. She has autism and has major sensory processing needs. I try to find clothes that are soft and comfortable and a pleasure to wear. All of the brands and outfit styles that I carry are thoroughly tested by my children (except the rompers, obviously). They have held up well to the dirt, food, beverages, rough play, etc. that my children have inflicted upon them.

2. My prices are much lower than certain other online boutiques. And, most of the time, my prices are even lower than Target. I went online this morning to look at options for a Princess nightgown for my daughter for her birthday: $25. You can order a dress from my online boutique for $24. And your child will probably be able to wear that dress for two years.

3. I love making my customers happy. It makes me smile when I hear that your children love their new outfits. If it doesn’t fit or if there is something wrong with it, contact me. I will make it right. I am not a big company. I am a mom who runs a small business with my husband. We will fix it and make it right.

4. When you buy from me, you are supporting a small business. Truly small. The profits that I make off of selling these clothes go to supporting our family. My husband is a local pastor and does a great job of supporting us, but every little bit helps.

5. You probably noticed that my children are close in age. It’s true. They are. I have enjoyed dressing them in matching outfits for special occasions since they were born. The main brand I carry, Pete + Lucy, makes it possible for me to continue this tradition with their matching outfits for different ages and different genders. We have matching outfits for holidays including Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I even offer matching Christmas loungewear (even for adults!) for that perfect Christmas card photo you know you want. I am a one stop shop for all of your holiday attire needs.

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