Why shouldn’t I wait until an item is in stock before ordering?

Great question! Glad you asked. There are a few answers to this question:

1. Every Friday, there are 2-3 collections released. Rompers have 6 possible sizes. Dresses and sets have 10 possible sizes. That’s a possibility of 78 different items every week. Every Sunday, there is a new preorder released. The recent large preorder “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” had 56 possible different items. Add that to the Weekly New Releases and you have 134 unique items released that week. As a small business, I do not have the budget nor storage space to buy everything every week. But I do try to offer every option to my customers so that they can get exactly what they want.

2. I almost always only purchase 1 item in a particular size. I have several customers who frequently buy items in a size 7/8. If they all order the same thing, then I order multiple identical items in a 7/8 and they all get their items. If they do not, I may order 1 to have in stock and it may sell out quickly.

3. Most of the items you see every week will never be offered again if I do not purchase them to have in stock in my online store. However, you may always request a particular item and I will find it for you from another retailer. However, expect to wait a few weeks, or even months, if I have to find it.

4. For Preorders, your items are almost always mailed to you the same day that they arrive to me. A couple of weeks later, my supplier will offer “extras” for sale. These sell out quickly, especially items such as bows, doll dresses, and minky blankets. Those “extras” then take about a week to be shipped to me before they are shipped to you. So there could be a 4 week difference between getting your items from a preorder vs buying “extras.”

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